Nutritional needs after kitten spay/neuter

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It’s important to understand your kitten’s changing nutritional needs during their growth phases to help prevent obesity in adulthood. To help you understand more about your kitten’s nutritional needs after spaying or neutering, check out this video from our friends at Royal Canin. 

What are the two kitten phases of growth? 

Phase 1: Rapid growth phase. After weaning, the first phase of kitten growth is high and occurs until they are approximately seven to eight months old. Approximately half of all a kitten’s energy goes toward growth during this period.  

Phase 2: Slower growth phase. At seven to eight months old, the kitten approaches around 80% of their adult weight. This is when their rate of growth begins to slow down. 

How does a kitten’s nutritional needs change after spaying/neutering? 

A key moment in your kitten’s growth period comes when they are spayed or neutered. After spaying or neutering, a kitten’s appetite can increase while their calorie needs may decrease, which is a recipe for excessive weight gain. 

In Royal Canin’s helpful video, they also provide helpful tips to help your kitten maintain a healthy body condition as they grow, while ensuring they feel full and satisfied! Watch the full video here and visit Royal Canin’s website for more information on their food and tailored nutrition plans!