Ontario SPCA seeks information from the public about rabbit farm near Holstein

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The Ontario SPCA is seeking information from the public to assist in an ongoing investigation relating to a rabbit farm near Holstein, Ontario.

In August 2017, the Ontario SPCA became aware of videos circulating on social media that were taken inside a barn where the rabbits were housed. The original video, which is believed to have been taken by individual(s) who were not authorized to be inside the barn, has not yet been provided to the Ontario SPCA by its creator. As a result, the Ontario SPCA is unable to authenticate the video or determine when it was taken.

The Ontario SPCA subsequently launched an investigation to ensure the rabbits were receiving the care required and to determine whether an offence was committed under the Ontario SPCA Act. The Society is also trying to determine how approximately 100 rabbits ended up loose on the property, many of which unfortunately died as a result of vehicle traffic and wildlife.

Original witnesses have been unwilling to cooperate with the Ontario SPCA in this investigation. As a result, the Society has exhausted all leads at this time. We would like to speak to first-hand witnesses who may have information that could assist with this investigation.

If anyone has any first-hand information relating to the rabbit farm shown in the video, we urge them to report that information to us immediately by calling 310-SPCA (7722). Individuals who attempt to take the law into their own hands, instead of reporting concerns, are permitting animal cruelty to continue and can impede the Ontario SPCA’s ability to enforce animal cruelty legislation.

We have supported the OSPCA since 1951

We have supported OSPCA since our arrival in Canada in 1951.  Keep up the greatest  T.L.C. for animals.

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