Oreo’s puppies highlight the need for services in the North

by | Northern projects |

Did you know that many Northern communities lack access to basic animal wellness resources, such as spay/neuter services?

Oreo is the perfect example of what can happen when those basic necessities are missing and what we’re working to accomplish, with your support.

As sweet as the cookie she’s named after, Oreo came to us in the fall of 2018 from Naotkamegwanning First Nation (Whitefish Bay), located near the Manitoba border. This black and white beauty was one of close to 50 dogs and over 20 cats who were transported from several Northern communities to find new homes in Southern Ontario before harsh winter conditions set in.

While in our care, Oreo had six puppies. Not only did they look like her, with their black and white coats, they were also named after cookies. Through the Support the North program, these puppies received the care and nurturing they needed to grow up strong and healthy.

“It is amazing how quickly Oreo settled in and became a part of our family,” says Lee, Oreo’s adopter. “We love how friendly, goofy and energetic she is. No matter what we are doing or where we are going, she is always more than happy to join in. We are all looking forward to many years of fun together!”

Before heading home with their new families, Oreo and her puppies were spayed or neutered to ensure they don’t contribute to the problem of pet overpopulation. Dogs in Northern communities deserve the same. Will you help us in creating healthy communities for people and pets?

Recently, two of Oreo’s puppies visited the Ontario SPCA Provincial Education and Animal Centre! Watch this video to see the cute reunion: