Partners in the North: Second Chance Pet Network, Dryden, Ont.

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On May 8th, 70 Northern cats were transported south from the Second Chance Pet Network in Dryden, Ont. to give animals a chance to find new homes in communities across the province where there is a demand for adoptable pets. Nearing capacity, the shelter reached out to the Ontario SPCA and Humane Society for help rehoming the felines.

So, what is this rescue all about? A few months back, we showcased the Second Chance Pet Network in a video, to highlight the amazing work their doing in the Dryden area. Check it out to learn more about it!

More background

Second Chance Pet Network provides a safe haven for surrendered and abandoned animals, pending their adoption into loving, forever homes.

In 2018 alone, over 100 cats were transported south to find their forever homes with the support of the Animal North Network partners.

We are so grateful to work alongside Second Chance Pet Network to support their community and animals in the North. Visit for more information on our Northern projects.

To learn more about Second Chance Pet Network, visit their website:


For every animal you save

For every animal you save, every animal who feels loved in their last moments, and for everything else you do; thank you and God Bless.