Pawdre aims to please in his job as a working cat

by | Happy Tails |

At the Ontario SPCA and Humane Society, we strive to find a safe and loving home for every animal that comes into our care. Sometimes community cats, which some people refer to as feral cats, end up in our animal centres and cannot be returned to their original colony site, for various reasons. The Ontario SPCA believes in finding an alternative home for these cats, by giving them “jobs” as working cats! 

Pawdre is one such working cat, who found his second chance walking the halls of Self Stor Storage to keep it mouse-free. When the owners of Self Stor Storage in Toronto decided to go with an all-natural pest control program, they discovered the Ontario SPCA’s Working Cat Program. After doing some research, they were convinced it would be a great fit for their business. 

Pawdre is working out wonderfully,” says Justin Morgan, Marketing Manager of Self Stor Storage. “He has made our company his home. Customers and employees absolutely love his warm presence.” 

What is a “working cat”? 

Working cats are not suited to be your typical indoor pets as they are unsocialized animals and they have no desire to be lap cats. They are former street cats who are used to outdoor life – most prefer minimal to no human contact, but they will happily tend to any mouse, mole, or vermin problems. In exchange, all they need is a bowl of cat food and water set out daily, shelter and veterinary care as needed. 

working cat, Pawdre
Photo courtesy of Self Stor Storage
Pawdre is settling in well to his new “workplace” 

Pawdre has lived at Self Stor Storage for a few months. During the first month, he took time to acclimate in a kitty tube inside a storage unit with lots of toys, water and food. The staff would also stop by for short visits to help Pawdre get used to being around people.  

“He definitely livens up the area and makes it a fun experience for a lot of people. And customers do see it as a benefit, homing a cat who otherwise wouldn’t be able to stay in a normal kind of home, and now he actually has a job,” says Morgan. 

Morgan says Pawdre is friendly towards him and other staff, and their bond has only grown.  

“If we start yelling ‘Pawdre’ down the hall, he’ll start meowing and he’ll saunter over quite quickly to ask for head pats,” says Morgan. 

Employees at Self Stor have noticed an absence of rodents since Pawdre got on the scene. “Pawdre is such a warm and inviting cat,” says Morgan, “He is an absolutely amazing addition to the Self Stor team.”  

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