Pet safety tips for increased walks and time at home

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While we all do our best to practice social distancing, we may be spending more time at home, going for walks, and looking for activities to do. For us pet owners out there, it’s important to be aware of pet hazards you may encounter out for a walk with your furry friend during the spring.

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Emerging Spring: Pet Safety Tips you need to know

On this week’s episode of Animals’ Voice Pawdcast we speak with Dave Wilson, Senior Director of Shelter Health and Wellness at the Ontario SPCA. He shares helpful tips with us on spring thaw, wildlife, poisonous flowers, and all things flea, tick and heart worm.

PET HEALTH CORNER: Spring Dangers for Pets

One general challenge Wilson says to be aware of is the fluctuating temperatures. These he says cause a challenge when deciding how long to let you pets be outside. Wilson says it’s best to watch the wind chill and be aware of if your pet is trying to tell you if they’re cold or not.

Also! Why not take use this extra time on your hands to groom and bathe your pet?

Grooming your pet regularly is definitely important, but spring grooming even more so! In the spring, your pet needs to shed extra fur because the warmer weather means they don’t need it anymore. That’s where you come in!