Police officer shares powerful story of battle with mental illness, PTSD and service dog Kal

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Shawn Fougere, is a police officer living with PTSD. In early June, he spoke at the Ontario SPCA’s 2018 Educational Conference about how his service dog, Kal, has changed his life.

shawn fougere, service dog, PTSD
Shawn Fougere and service dog Kal.

In this podcast, hear his emotional story of pain, recovery, and choosing to speak out.

“I wasn’t some weak cop who couldn’t handle my job, all of a sudden I realized I was a human being,” Shawn says, “And once I realized that, that’s when I began my recovery.”

Shawn’s main message is the importance of speaking about your pain and experiences – and seeking help when you need it.

“Find someone you trust, and start to open up – it starts right there,” he says.

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