Barney the poodle has healed & now needs help finding a new home

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This poodle is ready for a new start

Barney, poodle, rescue
Barney when he first arrived at the centre.

Barney is a 3 year old miniature poodle mix was found as a stray in downtown Barrie and was transferred to the Midland & District Animal Centre at the beginning of July to help me get back on my feet.

When he was found, Barney was overgrown and extremely matted. His toe nails had grown into his pads and he was in a lot of pain. At the beginning, he was in so much pain that even the centre’s staff couldn’t touch him.

After spending some time with the staff, and getting some good belly scratches, Barney began to trust again. The staff shaved his fur and found his tail had started to rot underneath his thick coat. This had created an infection, and there was tape wrapped so tightly around his tail that it had cut off circulation.

Barney, poodle
Barney, healed up and ready for adoption!

Barney then experienced some much-needed grooming, and socialization. He also spent a lot of time with the vet getting x-rays, blood work and antibiotics. With this treatment, Barney slowly recovered, and is now at a point where he is looking for his forever home.

All Barney would ask is that he have a home with endless love, a warm bed, and an abundant amount of his favorite toys – tennis balls!

To learn more about Barney and to adopt, visit the Midland & District Animal Centre today!


Thank you for your dedication

Thank you for your dedication to helping the animals.  Every animal deserves a loving home and to be treated royally.  Just imagine a day without animal cruelty.  What a wonderful day that would be!