Saying a big thank you to our amazing RVTs

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Did you know? October is Registered Veterinary Technician (RVT) Month! The Ontario SPCA and Humane Society wants to take the opportunity to thank the amazing RVTs working at our animal centres across the province.

Throughout the month, we`ve been sharing content with you, highlighting the work of our RVTs. Today, we want to say a special thank you from Ontario SPCA team members to the amazing RVTs we work with.

What is the role of an RVT?

The Ontario SPCA has some fantastic Registered Veterinary Technicians that each play a valuable role within our organization. They are an integral part of any healthcare team, but are particularly beneficial in a shelter environment. They are trained and skilled professionals that offer support on how to manage the animals in our care. Some of their duties include making a plan for each individual animal during their entire stay at our centres, from the moment they arrive until they find their forever homes; monitoring both the physical and the behavioural health of animals in our care; and continually re-evaluating strategies to help keep the animals happy and healthy!

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