Saying goodbye to Smiley – Champion of special animals

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Smiley at the Friends for Life! Walk™ 2016.

Smiley the blind therapy dog has inspired countless numbers of people and pet owners to love unconditionally, and now we will try and share some of that love back to him.

Smiley was born without his sight. Where many would have overlooked him because of this disability, his owner, Joanne George, saw his potential. Joanne brought Smiley to her home and together they discovered how to “see with your heart.” In time, Smiley learned to live comfortably without his sight. Early on he began bringing joy to everyone he came across with his big, happy, “smile”.

Smiley was much more than just a social media personality, with over 160,000 followers on Instagram. He was also a child therapy dog, worked with St. John Ambulance, and helped give hope to people all over the world every day.

We were fortunate enough to have Smiley and Joanne, as well as her most recently adopted blind dog, Pal, visit us last year for a podcast. So, to celebrate Smiley’s life, we’re sharing their stories with you.

Smiley will truly be missed by all of us!

Getting to know Smiley and Pal