Summer Safety: Protect the pads of your dog’s feet

by | General Pet Care |

Imagine you’re walking on the pavement with bare feet – is it too hot for you? It’s probably too hot for your dog, too. Today we share tips for protecting the pads of your dog’s feet in the summer heat! 

Why is this important? 

It’s common to think dog’s feet are tough, so they won’t be affected by heat, but this isn’t true. The pads of a dog’s feet can actually burn easily on hot days and scorching hot asphalt, cement, or other surfaces. 

Since our dogs can’t directly tell us when their feet are hurting, here are a few signs to watch for. 

Signs of burnt pads can include: 
  • Limping, licking or chewing feet 
  • Refusing to walk 
  • Missing part of pad 
  • Blisters or redness 

If you see any symptoms like this, contact your veterinarian immediately. 

When your dog is on a leash, they rely on you to guide and protect them, so they won’t let you know if they’re hurting.  Don’t let them down! 

Tips to avoid burnt pads 

There are options in the summer to ensure your dog still gets their exercise while also staying safe.  

Walk your dog on the cool side of the street where there’s shade or grass to cool down the surface. Consider going for your longer walks only in the early morning or evening, when you can guarantee it won’t be too hot for your furry friend. 

If you see an animal suffering in the heat, call the Provincial Animal Welfare Services at 1-833-9ANIMAL or your local police. If an animal is in immediate danger, call 911.   

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