Stay Curious with Mayim Bialik and Royal Canin!

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Cats are endlessly curious about the world around them and that keeps us curious too.  As cat parents we’re often asking questions about our cats’ behaviours, like “Why do cats love tiny spaces?”; their habits,  such as “How much should my cat sleep every day?”; and their health, for example “Why does my cat meow when they are in the litterbox?.” While we may look to our cat for these answers, they aren’t always the best communicators and a translator isn’t always easy to find.

This fall Mayim Bialik, Cat Healthy, and Royal Canin are ready to shed some light on what exactly your cat is trying to tell you. Introducing That’s Cat For, the only place online where you can ask Canada’s board certified feline specialists a question, as well as explore answers they’ve given to other cat parents just like you!

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How a trip to the vet will satiate their curiosity

The Ontario SPCA and Humane Society wants to support your curiosity further by allowing you to discuss your cats’ needs with the experts who know your cat the best: your veterinary team. Has it been awhile since your cat went to the clinic for a regular checkup? In partnership with Royal Canin we are happy to share an exclusive offer with you.  This fall, take your cat to the vet for a physical exam and submit your veterinary receipt to receive a $25 cash gift from Royal Canin.