Summer DIY dog toys

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Summer is a great time for family activities, projects, and trips! In this blog we share a couple of tried-and-true DIY dog toys that your pet will love, and you’ll love to make. 

Check out the instructions, and the video below! 

Braided Rope Toy 

Take an old T-shirt (or a few) and cut your fabric into 3 long strips. Braid all the way down, knotting both ends. You can also use two strips of extra fabric to tie around both ends of the toy to secure your braid. 

Tennis Ball Treat Dispenser 

When dogs chew new tennis balls, the “fuzz” can get around the base of their teeth and cause pain and gum bleeding. To avoid this, put tennis balls through the wash a couple of cycles and throw them in the dryer to dry. It’s a benefit to your dryer as well because the tennis balls can stop the laundry from getting bound up – especially sheets! 

To make a tennis ball snack dispenser, take the tennis ball and cut a fair-sized opening. You can either cut along the curved seamline or cut a big “X” into the ball. You can now put some strong, tasty smelling treats inside. When your dog presses down on the ball, the treats should dispense. 

Simple & fun! Enjoy these great DIY ideas and share with your friends. 

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Watch a step-by-step guide for making these DIY toys!