Sweat for Pets: Week Three Challenge

by | Campaigns Sweat for Pets |

The birds are chirping, and it’s time to stretch your wings! Are you ready for your Sweat for Pets Week Three challenge? This week we’re sweating for the birds, like Pete the budgie.

Pete the Budgie

In the summer of 2019, a budgie was found flapping around outside by one of our animal control officers. We waited and waited for this cute little budgie to be claimed however, eventually it came time to find Pete, the lost budgie, a new forever home. 

Judy Watson, a long-time supporter of the Ontario SPCA, saw Pete was available for adoption and she instantly fell in love. After a three-hour drive, Judy and Pete were united but the story of these lovebirds doesn’t end there…

The Story Continues

Judy recently lost her husband and the emptiness of their home had become difficult to bear and the silence was an aching reminder. However, since Pete has arrived his voice has brightened her home and her days. Truly a who rescued who story. 

“Pete brings my very quiet house to life.” – Judy Watson

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