The eight walks of a dog’s life

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1.The Sunny Saturday Morning Walk. Characteristics: Peaceful, perfect and easy-going.

Free from uncomfortable encounters, with beautiful weather and a relaxing walk that grows a beautiful bond between you, your dog and the leash. With the sun on your face, music in your ears and a tension free leash resting in your hand… you think to yourself “I love walking my dog.” 

dog walk, dog walks

2.Stop to Smell EVERY Flower Walk. Characteristics: Very slow, irritating and impatient.

This type of walk typically occurs when you are in a rush and need to be somewhere. Your pup has his snout glued to the ground and takes his precious time sniffing out and exploring every new smell as if it was their first walk ever. 

dog walk, dog walks, smelling the flowers

3.The Poop Bag Panic Walk. Characteristics: Quick, stressed and suspenseful.

This is the walk that starts off normal until you see your dog’s back start to slowly arch… you reach for your bag to feel pure shock rush through your body when you realize you are now going to be known as that neighbour who doesn’t poop and scoop. In pure panic, you yank on the bagless leash in an attempt to postpone the movement and run home to get a bag. However, the poop almost always wins…

scared dog, dog walk, dog walks

4.The Endless Stream Walk. Characteristics: Stop and go, frustrating but also very intriguing.

This is the type of walk where your furry pal decides they want to make their mark on every pole, bush, fire hydrant, tree, and wall they set their eyes on. You are rather frustrated by the slow progress but also quite amazed at how large your dogs’ bladder must be to have that much urine to disperse. 

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5.The Petwork Walk. Characteristics: Socially rewarding but exhausting.

This is the type of walk where you cross paths with every dog that exists in your neighbourhood.  While they sniff their new friend’s furry bum, the leashes begin to tangle into an awkward knot that forces you to participate in a Twister/Limbo type game. Naturally, these walks seem to occur when you’re up at the crack of dawn and can barely keep your eyes open. Your brain feels like mush as you attempt to make a social effort with a complete stranger that you have nothing in common with besides the street you live on. 

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6.Clash of the Leash Walk. Characteristics: Immobile, short but funny.

This is the type of the walk where your dog decides they want to battle the leash. They bite the leash and whip their head back and forth like they’re rocking out at a Metallica concert. Your arm is almost pulled out of its socket but you can’t help but laugh at your dogs failing effort to show the leash who’s boss. It doesn’t take long before their canines begin to spear through, so before the leash is cut, the walk is cut short. 

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7.The Great Canadian Walk. Characteristics: Freezing, fast (but feels long) and painful 

This type of walk occurs during the dead of winter when your true love, commitment and devotion to your furry child is explicitly demonstrated. These walks chill your core and sometimes, just SOMETIMES they may be so torturous that it briefly makes you even question whether it’s all worth it. But we endure it, and we survive winter after winter to be rewarded with endless love from our best furiends… which is definitely worth getting a little frostbite for.

winter dog walk, dog walks, dogs outside

8.The Friends for Life! Walk. Characteristics: Exciting, energizing and fun! 

This type of walk only occurs once a year and it is the best walk ever. Each step is gratifying. You walk tall and proud, with every stride feeling beneficial. This walk doesn’t just give your pup exercise or let them do their “business”… it helps animals in need by supporting the Ontario SPCA and Humane Society. This walk won’t just fill your dog’s needs, even better, it will fill your heart with love knowing you are changing animals lives, one step at a time!

Come out and make new friends! You can register and contribute just $20 to experience a game changing and animal saving walk by visiting 

See you soon!

P.S. – don’t forget a poop bag 😉 

friends for life walk, dog walks, dog walk

For every animal you save

For every animal you save, every animal who feels loved in their last moments, and for everything else you do; thank you and God Bless.