These kids helped animals for their birthday – and we are so proud!

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Meet Some of Our ECHOage Heroes!

Colin, Tristan and Daly are EchoAge heroes!
Colin, Tristan and Daly are EchoAge heroes!

Colin and Tristan both love dogs, so when their 10th birthday came around in the summer of 2018, they knew they wanted to do something to help animals in need.

The boys heard about the ECHOage website and decided to use that platform to plan their party. That way they could help the animals, but also be able to buy a gift of their choice.

ECHOage is a party planning platform where guests can easily plan for a great cause. Once the invitation is chosen, they can decide which charity they wish to support through their fundraising page – half of the money raised goes to the charity of choice and half will go to their gift of choice for the party.

In October, 2018, their sister Dalya turned eight and decided to follow in their footsteps.

Together, Colin, Tristan and Dalya raised over $220 for the Ontario SPCA. The Ontario SPCA was so thrilled they invited the children to come visit the Ontario SPCA Provincial Education and Animal Centre in Stouffville, so they could see some of the animals they helped through their fundraising!

We’re so proud of every young philanthropist who has chosen the Ontario SPCA for their parties through ECHOage.

Want to host your own ECHOage party in support of the Ontario SPCA? Click here to learn more.