Thinking of adopting? Here’s what you need to know

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Looking to enrich your life by adding a furry friend to your family?  The Ontario SPCA and Humane Society can help!  

If you’ve been thinking of adopting an animal, you’ve come to the right place! With 13 animal centre locations across the province, the Ontario SPCA has so many amazing animals who are waiting patiently for a loving home. 

Let’s get started… 

Big? Small? Young? Mature? You probably have a hundred questions running through your mind. It’s important to really think about what type of animal would fit in your life. Our knowledgeable adoption team members can help you assess what type of animal or breed would best suit your lifestyle. 

We also encourage potential adopters to do their research to ensure they are prepared for the lifetime commitment that comes with caring for that animal.  

Finding your ideal companion 

Now that you’ve determined what characteristics you are looking for in an animal, it’s time to find that perfect companion. Our online adoption site is designed to help you narrow down your search for a furry friend. You can search by species, sex, location and more.  

Once you have selected your search parameters, photos of the available animals will be displayed, and you can click on their profile to learn more. 

The adoption process 

If you find an animal that you are interested in adopting, simply contact the animal centre where the animal is located, and one of the adoption team members will schedule an in-person or virtual meet and greet.  

Talk to your adoption coordinator if you have an existing animal at home to ensure the animal you’re considering adopting would be compatible with your existing pets. The Ontario SPCA blog has some helpful articles on cat-to-dog introductions, dog-to-dog introductions and cat-to-cat introductions. Ontario SPCA staff are also a wealth of knowledge and can provide some great adoption tips. 

What’s included with adoption? 

The best reason to adopt from the Ontario SPCA is that you are giving an animal a loving place to call home. But did you know there are many other benefits as well? Animals adopted from the Ontario SPCA are spayed or neutered, microchipped, vaccinated and they go home with food from Royal Canin to help them transition into their new home.  

You can even subscribe for your pet’s nutrition on Royal Canin’s online store, with a portion of each order donated to the Ontario SPCA animal centre where you adopted your furry friend. Plus, receive a complimentary Wisdom Panel™ DNA kit when you sign up for Auto-Ship on your first Royal Canin order.  

Protecting your furry friend  

Now that you have given your best friend a forever home, it’s time to give your pet forever health and happiness, too. Protecting your rescued pet with insurance allows you to fulfill your promise to them – that in exchange for unconditional love you’ll safeguard their well-being. 

The Ontario SPCA believes animals deserve the best care possible. Like us, our pets can get injured or sick. Pet insurance can help cover those unforeseen veterinary bills and help your furry friends stay healthy. That’s why we have joined paws with Fetch! 

Learn more about Fetch Pet Insurance. 

We’re here to help! 

Have questions or need guidance as you help your new furry family member settle in? Help is a phone call or email away. A team of friendly animal experts are available to help you with any questions.  

Ontario SPCA adopters receive one complimentary appointment with Vetster to ensure you’re off to a great start with your new furry family member. As a complement to your routine in-person veterinary care, Vetster provides on-demand online veterinary appointments by connecting pet parents to thousands of licensed veterinarians through video chat appointments 24/7. 

Ready to start your adoption journey?  Check out animals available for adoption and find your next best friend at the Ontario SPCA and Humane Society.