Tipping the scales: what an extra 2lbs can mean for your pet

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Weight management is so important for your companion animal and maintaining a healthy diet contributes to healthy weight. So what difference would an extra 2lb really make?

Our friends at Royal Canin know that sometimes, it’s easier for us to think about our own weight gain and loss, rather than our furry friend’s weight. Using this simple guide, you can see just how important it can be for your companion animal to maintain a healthy weight. With even just a couple of pounds, your animal’s weight and health can change drastically. 

Infographic_What an extra 2lb can mean for a pet_EN (1)

Always remember to consult your veterinarian if you are concerned about your animal’s weight. They can help guide you to ensure you are feeding your companion animal the correct amount, getting them the necessary exercise they need and managing their treat intake to ensure they are happy and healthy.

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