Tips to entice fussy pets

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Guest blog by Royal Canin 

Even with the freshest, most palatable food options, sometimes pets can still be fussy. The good news is there are things we can do at home to help entice even the most delicate appetites!

Mix it up

Mixed feeding is an excellent way of giving your pet a bit of variety in their food, while still providing all of the fantastic benefits of their complete and balanced diet! Try adding a small amount of a complimentary wet food to your pet’s kibble.

TIP! Be sure to consider your pet’s daily calorie needs and follow the mixed feeding guidelines on your packaging!

Warm it up

Many pets prefer their wet food to be warmed. But it’s not just them being fussy; in fact, it relates back to their natural eating habits. Cats prefer their canned food at 370C, which aligns with the body temperature of rodents, a natural food source.1 Wet food can be heated using warm water from a kettle or in a microwave (be sure to remove the food from the packaging first).

TIP! Always check the food for “hot spots” that can develop when the food is not uniformly heated using a microwave.

Keep it clean

Cats and dogs are extremely sensitive to smells, both good and bad! Whether feeding wet or dry, wash your pet’s dishes daily to ensure no unpleasant odours are lingering.

Location, location

Some pets are social eaters and want to eat when you do. Other pets may need more privacy, especially from loud noises and other animals.

TIP! Make sure a cat or dog’s feeding station is located away from their toileting area.

Start early

Cats are especially prone to developing fixed taste preferences – you may have noticed your cat only prefers a specific format of food, such
as kibble or chunks in gravy. Many food preferences for texture develop from early experiences, so offer your kitten a variety of different textures!