Trouble sleeping? Tips to help your pet have a good night’s rest

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Some of us love having our pets sleep in our room at night. But want if your pet isn’t sleeping well? This could keep you up too.

Here are some great tips from our blog, A Good Night’s Sleep for Your Pet.

A Good Night’s Sleep for Your Pet

If your pet is healthy but keeping you up at night, here are some tips to help them sleep soundly:

Designate a sleeping space

Make sure your pet has a place set aside for bedtime. Cats like to have somewhere warm to sleep, so you may want to set out a blanket or pet bed. Dogs tend to prefer sleeping in a pet bed or crate. Let your pet go to its bed voluntarily instead of picking it up and placing it there (you may need to use treats to lead your pet to bed). And keep the location of your pet’s bed in the same place every night.

Keep to a regular schedule

Dogs and cats like routine. If you wake up at different times during the week, your pet may have a harder time sleeping soundly. If you do keep to a regular schedule during the week but like to sleep in on weekends, don’t be surprised if you get a wakeup call from your pet!

Distance your pet from the bedroom

If your pet sleeps in the same room or bed as you, you’re more likely to be woken up by your pet’s middle-of-the-night movements. If shutting your pet out of your room results in your pet whining or wailing, try to ignore the noise; reacting will teach your pet that this is an effective way to get your attention.

Birds and small mammals

Birds need to sleep with their cages covered at night to block out any light. Likewise, small mammals should have a covered area in their habitat (like a box with an opening) so they can sleep and feel protected. It’s not unusual for animals like gerbils or mice to get a little exercise on their wheel at night. If this is the case, place their habitat a little further away from your bed.

Following these simple tips can help both you and your pet get the restful sleep you both deserve.


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