Update on Molly’s Puppies!

by | Happy Tails |

**All puppies have found their forever home!**

The puppies are now five weeks old! They have been getting real food for the last week and are happily gobbling it up!

BT Puppies-5 weeks4
BT Puppies-5 weeks3
BT Puppies-5 weeks2
BT Puppies-5 weeks

They’re even starting to show some personality already. Dotty, the runt of the litter, seems to be the most feisty right now! Another one of the puppies, Danny, seems to be the most relaxed.

Click here for a video of the puppies eating and here for a video of the puppies playing.

You can also view the Ontario SPCA Barrie Branch’s Facebook page for more updates on the puppies.

Please note: The puppies are not yet available for adoption. When they are, they will be available for viewing on this page.