Weathering summer storms: Pet Safety Tips

by | General Pet Care |

Storms can be scary for both humans and animals, but it’s important to remember that your furry friends rely on you for their safety. You’re also responsible for making them feel safe! Thanks to our friends at the ASPCA, here are some tips for weathering summer storms with your furry friends. 

Be fully prepared 

Even before a storm hits, it’s important to plan ahead so you can ensure you’re prepared for an emergency. During a severe storm, you want to be prepared with a pet first-aid kit, as well as a 72-hour survival kit for you and your pets.  For a list of items for this kit, see our Emergency Preparedness page. You’ll also want to ensure your pet wears a properly fitted collar and ID tags. Microchipping is also encouraged to help increase the chances of being reunited with your pets if they become lost. 

Take Cover 

First things first, you and your animal need proper shelter. If a storm is severe enough, you should head into your basement if you have one. Make sure you have a space in your shelter to make your furry friend feel comfortable in case you get stuck there for a while. 

You should also keep animals indoors, making sure to close windows and doors. Startled animals may seek a place to hide and if they manage to get outside, it can be easy to lose them. If you need to take your dog outside, keep them leashed at all times to prevent them from bolting and becoming lost. 

Dangerous Toxins 

If you choose your basement as a shelter in case of emergencies, it’s important to be aware of what toxic chemicals may be stored down there. As curious creatures, animals  may feel the need to sniff or potentially taste the chemical if they have the opportunity. Because of this, it’s important to keep these products far away from where you and your furry friends are hiding out. 

Hide & Go Seek  

Animals often have favourite hiding spots they like to go to if they are anxious or scared. It is important for caregivers to know where these spots are in case evacuation is necessary and their furry friend is winning the game of hide and seek. 

It is important to be prepared for when the thunderstorms come rolling in. Feel free to share these tips from the ASPCA’s “5 Pet Safety Tips for Storm Preparedness” with your friends! Let’s help each other be prepared for the next summer storm.