What is the Support The North campaign all about?

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The Year of the Northern Dog may be over, but the Ontario SPCA is excited for all this new year has to hold for animal wellness initiatives in the North.

Support the North is a campaign aimed at bringing awareness, attention and action to the serious issue of dog overpopulation in the North and a lack of animal wellness resources in Northern communities.

  • A lack of basic animal wellness services, such as veterinarians and spay/neuter services, has led to uncontrolled growth of dog populations across Northern Canada.
  • These dogs need resources, and support, and everyone can play an active role in creating healthy communities for pets and people.

The Ontario SPCA and its partners have developed a network of individuals, organizations and communities united in creating healthy communities for animals and people. Together we are making meaningful change in the North through animal transport, spay/neuter and wellness clinics, feeding programs and the delivery of much-needed resources.

The Support the North campaign is comprised of three main areas:

    • The Animal North Network, a group of individuals and communities working together to deliver wellness services to the North, bring awareness to the challenge of Northern pet overpopulation and work in collaboration with Northern communities towards a common goal – to save pets’ lives.
    • The Northern Dog Program, which provides resources and support to address the uncontrolled growth of dog populations across Northern Canada
    • And Wellness Programs to create healthy communities for animals and people in consultation with Northern communities.

To learn how you can get involved by donating, volunteering, adopting or helping us spread the word, visit supportthenorth.ca

Your dedication and support

It is with and because of your dedication and support that helpless animals are being saved. Thank you for everything.