What kind of food does my puppy/kitten need?

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When caring for an animal, it’s important to understand their nutritional needs! To help you understand more about your animal’s digestive health, check out this video from our friends at Royal Canin. 

Why is nutrition important for young animals? 

Kittens and puppies have an immature digestive tract that’s still developing. While your animal is growing, it’s important they have a diet to support their digestive system as it develops and matures. 

What diet components are important to watch out for? 

The ability your kitten or puppy has to digest protein can depend on a number of factors, including ingredient type, quality, and preparation of food. When the protein is easier to digest, animals receive more benefits from the amino-acids that make up the protein, which means they will have the nutrients they need to develop into happy and healthy adult animals! 

The age and breed of your dog can also impact the digestibility of food. 

In Royal Canin’s helpful video, they also break down different types of fibre and what balance is right for your animals! Watch the full video here and visit Royal Canin’s website for more information on their food and tailored nutrition plans!