Why is fixing your pet so important? Overpopulation curbed by 5.3 million pets and counting.

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This year marks the 10th anniversary of the Ontario SPCA Centre Veterinary Hospital in Stouffville, just outside Newmarket and the Ontario SPCA Marion Vernon Memorial Animal Clinic in Barrie.

To celebrate all of the accomplishments of these services, we have Judith Aubin, Senior Manager of Spay/Neuter Services on our podcast. Learn more about Fix Your Pet month and why spaying/neutering pets is so important!

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Learn more about Fix Your Pet Month by visiting http://fixyourpet.ca/

Register your pet at one of our two spay/neuter services! OR – already have a pet who’s fixed? Consider spaying it forward to help a pet in need: http://ontariospca.ca/

I stand behind SPCA with my monthly gift

I stand behind SPCA with my monthly gift. I am so happy there are folks like you to care for those who can’t help themselves.  My family and I have had animals all our lives and know what a comfort they are.  Thank you SPCA.