Winter fashion – Is it something your pet needs?

by | General Pet Care |

Are you concerned your furry friend gets too cold going outside, but you still want them getting exercise and fresh air? Here are a few clothing items you may want to try out for your companion animal! 


There are many options available for dog boots/shoes. Although it may take your furry friend time to get used to wearing them, a good pair of boots offers warmth, traction on ice and frozen surfaces and protection from salt on the roads or sidewalks. Make sure the boots aren’t too tight and ensure they fit your furry friend properly. 

Hats and scarves 

Some dogs can benefit from wearing hats in extreme winter weather. There are many different types of hats available as well as hats that double as a scarf (they slide over the dog’s head and cover their ears and neck). 

Sweaters, coats, and vests 

Cardigans, hoodies, festive sweaters, button-ups, zip-ups, pullovers, insulated, water/weather proof – the list is endless when it comes to options for your furry family member! Sweaters, coats or vests can be beneficial for short-coated or hairless breeds. Keep in mind some of these items are only designed as fashion wear and some to keep your companion animal warm while out in the elements. 

With any fashion accessories, it’s important to ensure they fit your dog properly and are a safe option for them. A good practice is to research what items would benefit your furry friend and their needs. If you have any hesitation, consult your veterinarian. 

While you may want to dress up your animal or use winter apparel to keep them comfortable and warm, please keep in mind that some animals do not like wearing clothes and may become stressed and visibly uncomfortable wearing them. Never force your furry friend to wear clothes if you can see signs of discomfort or stress.  

Introduce new clothing items slowly with lots of treats and positive reinforcement. Watch for signs that your furry friend may not be enjoying the experience. It is also important to remember that dogs can overheat easily, so while you’re outside, check frequently to ensure your furry friend is comfortable. 

With these tips, you’re ready to hit your trail in style with your furry friend. Comment and tell us what accessories your dog likes during the winter months!