You could be the next winner of the Ontario SPCA’s 50/50 lottery

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Want the chance to win big, while also helping animals in need? Tickets are now on sale for the Ontario SPCA’s Spring Draws for Paws 50/50 Lottery. One lucky winner will take home the Grand Prize jackpot, which was a pawesome $74,000 during our holiday draw last December.  

The winner of that lottery shares her incredible story of luck, generosity, and being in the right place at the right time.  

Year-end donation led to purchase of lottery tickets   

It was a combination of the purr-fect timing, compassion for vulnerable animals, and generosity that drew Patricia I. from Toronto to the Ontario SPCA website last December. 

“Every year around Christmas, I always make holiday gifts for animals to a number of charities,” says Patricia, winner of the Ontario SPCA’s 2023 Holiday Draws for Paws 50/50 Lottery. “I choose to donate to the Ontario SPCA and other animal charities because of my love of animals.” 

Around that time, Patricia says she received a mailing from the Ontario SPCA, which asked for her support to change the life of an animal in need. She visited the website to make her donation and noticed the 50/50 lottery. 

“I have been a supporter of the Ontario SPCA for many years, but I wasn’t aware of the lotto,” she says. “I thought okay, this is where I’ll make my donation.” 

She bought tickets and the rest, as they say, is history.  

BIG news before the holidays 

When Patricia received a call from the Ontario SPCA telling her she was the winner of the $74,000 jackpot, she couldn’t believe the news! 

“I was the winner, which was a shock and a delight,” she says. “I had to tell all my family immediately.” 

Changing the lives of animals 

The Ontario SPCA is a registered charity that does not receive annual government funding and depends on generous supporters to change the lives of vulnerable animals. The Draws for Paws 50/50 Lottery is a rewarding way for people across the province to make a real difference in the lives of animals who need our help. By purchasing a ticket, you’re joining the excitement of possibly being our Grand Prize winner, plus you are providing urgently needed care and shelter for homeless animals. 

It’s a chance to win a prize, but more importantly it’s an opportunity to take care of the animals in Ontario,” Patricia emphasizes.  

Now it’s your turn! 

Our Spring Draws for Paws 50/50 Lottery jackpot is growing every day. The more tickets you buy, the greater your chances are to win! 

The Grand Prize draw takes place on April 25, but get your tickets early to be entered in our two Early Bird draws, with $500 up for grabs in each of those draws. 

By purchasing a ticket in the Spring Draws for Paws 50/50 Lottery, you’re giving animals the second chance they deserve.  

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