Why Microchip?

Each year thousands of lost and abandoned animals are taken in by shelters and humane societies across North America. Some of these animals never make it home because they can’t be identified.

Microchipping is a reliable, permanent, one-time service that helps give you peace of mind for your pet’s lifetime. Microchips are only effective if the microchip is registered in a database, such as PetLink, and the adopter’s contact information is kept up to date. With accurate registration associated with the unique microchip number, a lost animal can be traced back to its owner as soon as it’s scanned.

Here are some answers to Commonly Asked Questions from our microchip provider, Pet Link.

Will the microchip wear out and need to be replaced?

The microchip is passive, which means it does not have an internal battery. When a microchip scanner is passed over it, it is powered by the scanner and will transmit the pet’s ID number. The same microchip will last through your pet’s lifetime.

Is microchipping painful for my pet?

Microchip implantation is no more painful to pets than a flu shot is to a human. A PetLink microchip is as small and thin as a grain of rice and is easily implanted without anesthesia.

Can a microchip work like a GPS?

Microchips cannot be used as tracking devices. They are a form of identification that can be checked with a microchip scanner by a veterinarian or shelter organization.

What happens if the implanted microchip doesn’t work?

In the unlikely event that your PetLink microchip stops working after it is implanted, please have your veterinarian contact PetLink at petlink@petlink.net.

Nothing is more frustrating for Humane Societies and Rescues than having an out-of-date microchip number, and knowing there is a family missing their pet who we can’t contact. It’s crucial to always keep your contact information current and up to date. Contact your microchip provider directly to update information regarding a move or change of phone number.

*Material adapted from https://www.petlink.net/frequently-asked-questions/ 

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