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5 reasons to adopt during the holidays!

Tis’ the season for fluffy snowflakes, twinkling lights, cozy fireplaces and holiday cheer! But did you know this is also a great time to consider adopting a four-legged family member?

Here are some great reasons to adopt during the holidays!

1. Extra time to bond with a new pet- The holiday season may mean you have more time off work and if there are children in your family, they will also be home from school. This is an excellent time for you and your family to bond with your new pet!

2. Your new family member can be part of your family’s holiday traditions- Including your new pet in your holiday traditions like watching your favourite holiday movies, opening stockings, investigating presents under the tree, caroling or going for walks and playing in the snow can bring even more joy to your family and your new pet this holiday season!

3. Develop healthy habits- With all the delicious family meals, scrumptious baked goods, holiday parties, and festive favourites in abundance during the holidays, some of us may worry about our increased calorie intake. But, playing a game of hide and seek indoors with your new cat or kitten or taking your new dog for their daily walk can help pet parents and kids develop healthy habits ahead of New Year’s resolutions, while also bonding with your new pet.

holidays, pets, pugs, pugs in costume, christmas
Reasons to adopt pets over the holidays.

4. Be a holiday hero – A lot of families see the value of using the holidays as the best time for a new furry family member to join their family.

Adopting is the best way to find your new four-legged friend! Our adoption centres have more than just cats and dogs for adoption as well. There are many small animals such as bunnies, guinea pigs and hamsters also awaiting their furever homes, that would love to join your family!

5. There are many adoptable pets right now that need YOU- There are many pets available for adoption in our Animal Centres across Ontario and they need you! Whether it be adopting one of these wonderful, loving animals into your family, volunteering or donating, our animals need and appreciate YOU.

Bringing a new pet into the home is an exciting time for everyone, but it is also important to remember that not all new furry family members will be able to handle all of the love and excitement right away.

Once you’ve brought your adopted pet home, spend time getting to know your new pet and their needs. Take time to introduce your pet to each new activity (some pets may have never experienced these things before).

If your new pet is extremely sociable and wants to be involved in everything, that is great! If they are shy or nervous, have a safe spot for them to retreat to when they need it. If they are too shy to be in the middle of all the attention and excitement, prepare a quiet room for them to stay in during the heightened activities, with visits from you to reassure them. Be sure to tell any guests that are visiting of your new pet’s needs and your expectations of them while visiting your home. This will help ensure all family members enjoy the holidays to the fullest!

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Guest blog written by Amber Ogle, Centre Coordinator for the Ontario SPCA Huron County Animal Centre.

Nov 23, 2017
by Emily Cook