Activity and exercise is important for cats too

Does your cat prefer to hang around the house most of the time? Encouraging your cat to be active will help him or her stay healthy and fit throughout their life. Although not all cats may not have the same drive to run and play as frequently as some dogs, by utilizing stimulating toys and activities (also known as enrichment toys) you can make sure your cat gets moving!

Enrichment toys are important for your cat
Enrichment toys are important for your cat

Try to select enrichment items that take advantage of a cat’s natural curiosity and abilities. This can include feline towers for cats to jump and climb, textured surfaces for scratching and clawing, food puzzles that require the cat to perform an action before the treat is dispense, rods and kitty “fishing poles” with shiny, scented or noisy toys on the end to entice them into chasing and playing are all ways you can engage your cat in fun playtime activities.

Not only are enrichment toys great for your cat’s physical health, but the mental stimulation they receive will keep them happy and healthy for years to come.

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May 14, 2013
by Aubrie