Allan Day, volunteer

Allan Day a.k.a. Dr. Cuddles

Energetic Allan Day was one of two volunteers nominated to come to the Ontario SPCA Annual Educational Conference this year.

We had the pleasure of interviewing him to learn about how he got his start at the organization, why he loves cats, and how he earned the title “Dr. Cuddles.”

“When they hear my voice, soon as I walk in, cats will jump from high perches in the front window like, ‘There he is! There’s Allan,'” Day said.

Allan Day, volunteer
Allan Day (right) and podcast host Kevin Mackenzie.

Day volunteers at the Ontario SPCA Huron County Branch in Goderich, Ontario.

He said he volunteers at the branch socializing the cats so they can be ready for adoption.

“We are now just straight cat-cuddlers. And that’s the best part, that’s the part that I know I am good at,” said Day.

Day said he even plays his harmonica for them to calm them and entertain them.


“If I happen to be taking them to the vet, I will play the harmonica … and it settles them down, you can see it,” he said.

Day has volunteered at the Huron County branch for the last two and a half years. To listen to more of his story, and to hear him play harmonica, see the link below, or CLICK HERE.

“There’s just so much excitement in volunteering!” says Day.

Listen to Allan Day’s story!

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Sep 08, 2015
by Emily Cook