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How to become an Ontario SPCA Officer

Have a passion for animals? Interested in Animal Welfare enforcement? Want to become an Ontario SPCA Officer?

A common question asked of the Ontario SPCA is, “How can I become an Ontario SPCA Officer?” Here’s some great information from Inspector Brad Dewar to help you figure out what you need join our team.

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Ontario SPCA

What education do applicants need to become an Ontario SPCA Agent?

Having police foundations, or law enforcement foundations is an asset for applicants to have when applying to be an Ontario SPCA agent. Taking law courses that deal with provincial or municipal legislation is also useful.

What kind of experience do you need to apply?

Useful experiences include anything related to by-law services, animal control, or any type of animal handling or training.

What documents are needed to be considered for an Agent position?

The two main documents that are mandatory  are a clean driving record with a class G license, and a clean criminal record. Applicants are also required to provide a Vulnerable Sector Screening through police services.

What kind of skills do applicants need to perform the job?

This role deals with a lot of emotional situations, from the person reporting, to witnessing animals in a poor state. An officer needs to be professionally invested in the job, and understand we work within the laws that are provided to ensure animals are being properly cared for.

Watch this full video to learn more details!

Jan 05, 2017
by Emily Cook