Can you guess my breed?

Buddy cropped
Buddy, adopted from the Ontario SPCA Provincial Education & Animal Centre, was thought to be a Retriever mix until DNA testing proved otherwise.

When Wendy adopted 3-month old Buddy from the Ontario SPCA Provincial Education & Animal Centre (PEAC), shelter staff had little knowledge of his background history.  Based on his physical traits upon arriving at the shelter, they figured he was a Retriever mix.

As Buddy continued to grow, Wendy and her husband began to notice behaviours associated with different breeds and wanted to know more about him.  So they turned to DNA My Dog, a web based company that analyses a simple cheek swab to determine breed.

Wendy ordered the kit online, which was then sent to her home with easy to follow instructions.  With a quick swab sent back to the lab for analysis, they received Buddy’s results in under two weeks.   Not only did Wendy receive his top 5 level breeds, DNA My Dog also provided a report on the Buddy’s dominant breeds, personality traits and possible health concerns.


Can you guess what Buddy is?  Turns out there wasn’t any Retriever in him!  Here are what the DNA results showed:

Level 1 – Australian Cattle Dog

Level 2 – Collie

Level 4 – Shar-Pei

Level 4 – Miniature Pinscher

Level 5 – West Highland White Terrier


Apr 18, 2013
by Laura