Caring for your Bird : 5 Questions Answered!

Caring for your Bird

Birds are beautiful, intelligent creatures, and they can make incredibly loving pets too!

If you have a bird, or are considering adopting one, watch this video to see how we answer 5 most commonly asked questions about avian care.

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5 Bird Care Questions

Question 1: What do they eat?

A very important thing to think about when adopting a bird, is what you plan to feed it!

“Birds cannot live on seed alone,” says Seto, listing organic pellet, fresh fruits, vegetables and grain additionally to their diet.

Water is also crucial to have available for your bird at all times, she says.

Question 2: What size cage do they need?

Seto says birds need enough space to stretch their wings and fly short distances.

“We would suggest buying the biggest cage you can,” says Seto.

She explains how the location of the cage is also very important.

Bird Care Questions

Question 3: What kind of exercise do they need?

You can prevent boredom for your bird by providing at least 2 to 3 toys at a time, and including foraging toys in the mix, says Seto.

“Allowing cage-free time in a secure room with closed doors and windows, can be a great way to add exercise and enrichment into his daily routine,” she says.

Question 4: Lifespan?

Birds’ lifespans vary depending on the breed and size of the bird, according to Seto. She says small birds can live 5-10 years, and large birds can live 60-100 years.

“Be prepared for the commitment when looking to adopt a bird as your family pet,” she says.

Question 5: How to choose?

There are many different kinds of birds, and bird personalities, Seto says.

If adopting from a shelter, Seto suggests spending time interacting with the bird before bringing them home.

“We suggest doing your research to find a bird that best fits your lifestyle,” she says.

Sep 29, 2015
by Emily Cook