Munchkin, dog transfer, pit bull, pit bulls

Don Cherry visits Pit bulls on their way to a second chance in Florida

Munchkin, dog transfer, pit bull, pit bulls
Munchkin, one of the transferred dogs, not at Pit Sisters in Jacksonville, Florida.

The Ontario SPCA welcomed animal lover Don Cherry to see a group of Pit Bulls from an alleged dogfighting operation, on their way to Florida to continue their rehabilitation.

In October 2015 the Ontario SPCA uncovered an alleged dogfighting operation near Chatham, Ontario. Several dogs were removed during that investigation and assessed by world leaders in dogfighting rehabilitation, the ASPCA. 7 of those dogs immediately passed the ASPCA’s assessments but due to lengthy court proceedings remained in the Ontario SPCA’s care until they were recently released from the courts to be rehomed.

ontario spca, pit bull, florida
Don Cherry gets kisses from Pit Bull Puppy

In addition, one of the animals removed from the alleged dogfighting operation, gave birth to 11 Pit Bull puppies while in care of the Ontario SPCA. The puppies remained in the care of the Society for close to two years until ownership was recently released by the courts.

While in the care of the Ontario SPCA the dogs received daily enrichment and rehabilitation.

After having been spayed and neutered, the first group of these dogs have been transported to two facilities in Florida.

Pit Sisters, a behavioural and dog training program with the mission to find challenging dogs new homes,  will be taking 10 of the dogs and Dogs Playing for Life will be taking four of the dogs.

“Sadly due to the unexpected lengthy court process, these dogs have been waiting nearly two years to be rehomed. Our staff have been actively working with them every day to continue their rehabilitation and  we are so pleased that we can finally relocate them and have them start the next chapter of their lives,” says Deputy Chief Jennifer Bluhm, Ontario SPCA.

The transport of these dogs has been fully funded  and executed through the generosity of Dog Tales Rescue and Sanctuary.

Don Cherry sees off pit bulls heading for Florida

Pit bulls relocated to Pit Sisters in Jacksonville, Florida

Aug 09, 2017
by Emily Cook