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Eight reasons to donate towards animals in need around the holidays

The holidays are lovely a time of year for being with family, and showing loved ones that we care. It’s also a time to give back to the causes that mean the most to us!

Check out these reasons to donate from our blog; Top 8 reasons to donate this holiday season.

  1. It helps provide cold-related health care. Winter is cold! That seems obvious to humans, but pets who are outdoors in the cold, and often subzero, Ontario winter weather due to being lost, abandoned or neglected, require extra veterinary attention when they come into our care. From emaciation to frostbite, specialized treatment, which can be very costly, could save their lives.
  2. paws and give, donate, holidays , donate towards animals in need, ontario SPCA
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    Spread a little cheer! While people are at home with their families, this can mean more quiet times at our shelters. When you donate funds or enrichment toys, such as chew toys and catnip balls, this gives our animals a great way to stay occupied and emotionally healthy.

  3. Our plush toys are super cute. Our adorable plush toys such as Rocky, Velvet or Bear each represent an animal that has overcome many obstacles and found happiness in a new home. Help more animals with your donation, and enjoy these little reminders of happy endings (they also make great stocking stuffers!).
  4. Save a bit of dough. Don’t dread the credit card bills in 2016, because our gifts are also tax deductible. That really helps when tax season comes around. (It’s okay, we won’t tell!)
  5. It’s a memorable gift. While the “World’s Greatest Dad” mug is nice, giving a homeless cat or dog a happy holiday too with hearty meals, warm blankets, toys, treats and medical care is absolutely unforgettable.
  6. Your pet would approve. We all like to treat our pets to special new things over the holidays, however some of our homeless animals have never had a toy of their very own in their (often difficult) lives. Instead of heaping piles of new toys on your pet, consider dropping a few new items off at your local Ontario SPCA Animal Centre, and make a pet’s day!
  7. Lead by example. The holidays shouldn’t be about finding the “perfect gift”, but about sharing compassion and cheer for all. Don’t just instruct your kids to be thoughtful; demonstrate by donating, volunteering or contributing in any way you can! There are lots of ways to help the animals, even if funds are limited. “Be the change you want to see in the world.”
  8. Need a last minute gift? No problem! If you’re reading this on Christmas morning on your smartphone right before you’re about to open gifts and you forgot your cousin Fred (yes, we mean SERIOUSLY last minute!), hurry and text “OSPCA” to 45678, and a $5 text donation will be made. You are WELCOME!

Learn more about how to donate

You can learn more about donating during the holidays on our Paws & Give website. Our goal is to have a home for every pet across Ontario, but in the meantime we rely on your kindness, generosity and support to make the holidays great for the pets in our care. Every time you donate, you are helping to improve the lives of our wonderful shelter pets.

Top 8 Reasons to Donate this Holiday Season

Dec 04, 2017
by Emily Cook