Mother's day, fiona, rescue dog

Fiona wishes you a Happy Mother’s Day

Mother's day, fiona, rescue dog

My name is Fiona and Mother’s Day is a special day for me because I didn’t have a loving mom until I was 12 years old.

You see, I had spent my first 12 years in a puppy mill.

My life was hard. Most of my life I lived in a cage with little or no human contact or affection. I was dirty and my teeth hurt because they were rotting. But that didn’t matter to my uncaring owners who wanted just to make money.

Then it happened!

Thanks to the support of Ontario SPCA donors, I was rescued! I would get a second chance at a better life! The wonderful people at the Ontario SPCA animal centre cleaned me up, spayed and vaccinated me and took care of my painful teeth. Then they began to tell people about me so I could find a forever home.

My mom, Connie, has a big and loving heart. She saw my story on the Ontario SPCA Facebook and she came to the animal centre especially to meet me. It was love at first sight! I was of course very shy and frightened because nice people were still very new to me. But I quickly warmed up to her kind touch and I loved her instantly!

Fiona, Mother's Day
Fiona and her mom Connie.

I love to give Connie kisses to show her my love! You can show your mom how much you love her with kisses too and you can also make her proud of you with a gift of love and compassion for an animal in need. By shopping at our Paws & Give Store™, choosing a symbolic gift, and sending an eCard to your Mom, you can change an animal’s life, just like Connie changed mine!

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Thank you for giving an animal in need the chance for a new beginning.

May 10, 2017
by Emily Cook