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Fix Your Pet: Myths & Facts revealed

Pet overpopulation is an issue in Ontario. This is why the Ontario SPCA promotes Fix Your Pet month! To encourage pet owners to spay/neuter their pet. But there are many myths that circulate about fixing your pet – and we want to set them straight!

We answer the most common myths we hear about spay/neuter in this video. Comment with your thoughts!

Busting the myths: Fixing your pet

Get involved

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Cone of Fame contest

Here are a few ways you can get involved in Fix Your Pet month!

Step 1 – Post a photo of your pet in a Cone of Fame on in our gallery at, or on Twitter and Instagram using #ConeOfFame for a chance at weekly prizes.

Step 2 – Take the pledge that you have or will be spaying/neutering your pet at

Step 3 – Share our posts with your friends and family and encourage them to #FixYourPet – it’s the kindest thing you can do.

To learn more about spay/neuter or to enter the Cone of Fame contest visit

Mar 14, 2017
by Emily Cook