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Fun Easter activities for you and your pets

Easter is a great time to be with your family, and your pets! Here are some ideas of different activities you could do with your furry family.

Easter activities for pets

Treat scavenger hunt. Your dog or cat will love this one! Choose a selected room in your house, or a few rooms, where you’re comfortable with your pet rummaging. Place small treats throughout the room, then bring your pet in and let them loose! They’ll enjoy exploring the room in a new way, and getting some rewards too.

ontario SPCA, easter, dog, activities
photo credit: ArtMutt Easter Basset via photopin (license)

Family walk. If the weather is going to be nice in your part of Ontario today, then a walk might be a great activity for you and your family. Dogs always appreciate this kind of outdoor exercise, and if your cat has a harness and leash you can consider taking them too!

Visit to the dog park. This one is specifically for our canine friends. Spend your time off heading to a dog park with your furry friend! It’s great bonding time for you both, and you just might meet some other doggy friends on your way.

Go on a picnic. Early spring can be a beautiful time to enjoy a picnic at your local park, or in your backyard! Weather-permitting, this activity is fun for the whole family. Bring along special treats for your pet to enjoy while you and your family have your lunch. You can even bring along a ball or frisbee to play with later.

Teach some tricks. With a little extra time on your hands, you can enjoy teaching your pet some tricks! There are lots of great “how-to” videos out there for this. So do some research, get some treats, and get started!

Teach your dog to roll over.

Teach your dog to turn around.

Enjoy the day together and Happy Easter!

Apr 17, 2017
by Emily Cook