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Helpful tips: Camping and respecting wildlife

Camping with your pets can be a really fun experience! To help make your time more enjoyable, here are some tips to make sure both you, and the wildlife around you, are safe and comfortable.

To help you out, here are some great tips from Ontario Parks; Wildlife and Your Campsite. 

Wildlife and Your Campsite

If you want to maintain a good relationship with wildlife at your campsite, the best thing to do is keep it clean.

camping, pets, wildlife

Here are some of the steps to ensure you clean everything properly!

  • Clean up dishes and dirty water. Once you’re finished a meal, do the dishes right away. As well, any dishwater you use should be dumped into the outhouse toilets.
  • Pack away your cooler and food. Even while you’re on your campsite, make sure your cooler and dry food is sealed and closed. Overnight, Ontario Parks recommends storing food in your trunk or with the windows rolled up and your food covered.
  • Dispose properly of garbage. Though it might be tempting to put food waste in your fire pit, don’t! Ontario Parks advises campers to put all food waste and garbage in a garbage bag. Clean your campsite of food scraps that may have fallen to the ground as well. Once you’ve done this, keep the bag away from your tent and out of reach of wildlife. When you leave your campsite, make sure to take all the garbage and recycling to the campground’s garbage bin.
  • Tent is a no-scent zone. Ontario Parks advises campers not to store food/snacks, fragrant personal items or hygiene products (e.g. perfumes, shampoo, toothpaste) in your tent. They also stress not to cook or eat in your tent.
  • Never leave out pet food.
  • Never feed wildlife. If they learn to get food from humans they can become a nuisance.

For more tips on camping, wildlife, and bringing your pets, check out the Ontario Parks website!

Jul 17, 2017
by Emily Cook