Ice Ice Baby: Keep your pet from falling through

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Ontario SPCA

A huge danger during the winter for pets and humans alike, is the risk of going through ice on bodies of water that haven’t fully frozen over yet.

This is especially important to remember with the melancholy weather Ontario has been having this year. Too many animals, and people have fallen through the ice already, and we need to do everything we can to prevent it happening again!

The Ontario SPCA cautions all owners to keep their dogs on leash, and close by at all times when going for winter walks. This applies especially when there is water nearby.

If your pet gets loose and ends up on the ice, it’s important not to go after it. The added weight might cause the ice to crack and both you and your pet to fall in. Once this happens it can be difficult to pull either of you out.

Before taking your dog off-leash while on a walk, you need to be confident they will listen to your voice commands to come back if they are getting too close to the ice.

Be safe, and keep off the ice!

Here are some more Winter Pet Safety tips from the Ontario SPCA:

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Feb 03, 2016
by Emily Cook