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It’s all about the puppies!

puppy, puppies,
Happy National Puppy Day!

Today is a day to celebrate the Puppy! It’s a time to appreciate the cuteness and loving qualities of puppies.

To help you appreciate these cute creatures, here are some snippets from a few of our blogs on puppies!

A baby pet’s diet: Where you come in!

“The energy needs of a puppy can be up to two times as much as an adult. Depending on your pup’s breed, you’ll need a dog food that has 25-30% protein and the necessary vitamins and minerals to fuel your puppy’s growth.” – Read more on the full blog!

How do I…deal with my puppy’s frequent accidents?

“The key ingredients to successfully housebreaking your puppy include being patient, persistent and consistent. Puppies feel the urge to pee typically after eating, drinking, playing and waking from sleeping (even after short naps!) Always be sure to reward your puppy and make their correct action (peeing in the yard, on a walk, etc.) a positive experience. This can include a small tidbit that you have on hand to immediately give them, which ensures they connect the action with the reward, as well as verbal praise and petting.

Don’t leave your puppy unattended, unless they are crated or otherwise contained, to prevent accidents in your absence. Make a habit of offering your puppy a chance to go to the bathroom regularly throughout the day and before bed, instead of waiting until they are sniffing around, looking for a spot.” – Read more great information on the full post.

Enjoy celebrating your favourite puppy today!

Mar 23, 2016
by Emily Cook