Apollo, Maine Coon cat

Maine Coon cat adopts foster kittens as his own

Apollo, maine coon cat
Apollo with his foster kittens.

Apollo is a big, loveable Maine Coon cat who surprised everyone when he took a special interest in four orphaned kittens.

The kittens came into Apollo’s life as foster kittens when they were only seven weeks old. His owner, Tracy, is a volunteer with the Ontario SPCA Renfrew County Animal Centre and brought the kittens home to socialize them until they were ready to be placed up for adoption.

Five-year-old Apollo not only tolerated them, but “adopted” them as though they were his own.

Apollo, Maine Coon cat
Apollo with one of the foster kittens.

“I noticed he started allowing the kittens to sleep close to him until one day something so amazing happened that it left me in shock, wonder and a newfound deeper love for him,” says Tracy. “Apollo started to clean each kitten just as a mother would – from head to tail. He was starting to take the place of a surrogate mother/father! Now they started sleeping with him, on top of him, and when one would cry out because they were playing too rough with each other, he would go to see what was wrong.”

He even allowed the kittens to “nurse” from his furry belly, as though he was their mother.

“At that moment I learned just how special he is, not only to me, but to four little kittens,” Tracy says, “and how rescuing Apollo could – and will – change the lives of so many more to follow in our new life together.”

Falling in love with a Maine Coon cat

Apollo, Maine coon cat
Apollo with his owner, Tracy.

Tracy had only just begun volunteering at the animal centre when she fell in love with Apollo, who came into her life at a time when she needed it most.

“I am a one-year post-treatment breast cancer survivor. Once I was cleared for my one-year anniversary I started thinking, now what will my new life and future be?” Tracy says. “A very dear friend of mine suggested I go and volunteer at the Ontario SPCA.”

Wearing a “cat shirt” to keep him cozy, and feeling a bit sorry for himself after his luxurious coat needed to be shaved as a result of severe matting, Apollo was patiently waiting for a new home.

“I was told after battling cancer to start putting myself first and to do what makes me happy. This cat made me happy in the short amount of time I was with him,” Tracy says. “So that’s the story of how Apollo came into my family’s life.”

While Apollo has had to say goodbye to his kittens, who are now up for adoption, there will no doubt be more foster kittens in his future.

To see animals up for adoption, visit the Renfrew County Animal Centre’s adoption page.

Jun 15, 2017
by Emily Cook