take your dog to work day, mars canada, podcast

Mars® Canada is taking ‘Take Your Dog to Work Day’ to a new level

take your dog to work day, mars canada, podcast
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Take Your Dog to Work Week is June 19-23rd this year, with Take Your Dog to Work Day falling on Friday June 23rd. To help celebrate, we have Mars® Canada’s President Chris Hamilton on our podcast to talk all about it!

At the Mars Canada office, having pets come to work is seen as a benefit for both the pets, and employees. In this podcast, Chris joins us via Skype to share their “petiquette” policy and how he’s seen pets at work benefit his employees.

We learn valuable information on how pets at work help increase productivity and reduce absenteeism. If you’ve ever wanted to convince your boss to let you bring your dog to work – this is a must listen!

Listen to our podcast now!

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Learn more: http://www.mars.com/canada/en/index.aspx 

Article written by Chris Hamilton: Six things I learned about leadership from a dog – The Globe and Mail

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Jun 13, 2017
by Emily Cook