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Pet Nutrition: Each pet is individual – with Dr. Jackie Parr

In our latest Animals’ Voice Pawdcast, we had the opportunity to speak to Doctor Jackie Parr, Veterinary Clinical Nutritionist with Royal Canin Canada, about pet nutrition.

Dr. Parr shared with us how pet nutrition is very individual to your animal. Even if you have two dogs, she says they could need totally different diets.

“They would have different energy needs, and they might have different requirements for different nutrients based on some of those activities that they’re taking part in,” says Dr. Parr.

Listen to our podcast below to learn more about how nutritional assessment can improve your pet’s quality of life!

Watch the podcast on Pet Nutrition

You can also watch the podcast in the video link below!

Dr. Parr says most pet owners give their pets too many treats, when in reality, 90 per cent of calories a pet is getting should come from their balanced dog or cat food.

nutrition, nutritional assessment, pet nutrition
Host Kevin MacKenzie (left) and Dr. Jackie Parr (right).

“Knowing that a pet is on the best diet for that individual pet, means that they’re going to be getting all the nutrients that they need every day,” she says.

Giving treats isn’t bad in itself, but Dr. Parr says pet owners need to be aware of how their pets diet is impacted by the treats they give.

“A good rule of thumb is, if the treat’s bigger than the animal’s head, it’s too much,” she says with a laugh.

Overall, Dr. Parr says getting your pet to a veterinarian for a nutritional assessment is about improving your pets quality and longevity of life.

“Out goal is that our pets are going to live long and healthy lives,” she says.

Dec 15, 2015
by Emily Cook