animal massage, massages

Do pets like massages?

Many people go for a massage to relax, unwind, or release painful tension in muscles. What about our pets? Can they also benefit from a massages?

If you animal has stiff or painful muscles, it can sometimes show up in undesirable behaviour because they are in discomfort. Through the proper use of massage techniques, muscle tenderness and spasms can be reduced. Ask your pet’s veterinarian for a quick massage lesson (and you can even do it yourself) or a referral to a professional therapist. Here are some tips from our blog, Animal Massage.

Animal massages: Benefits

animal massage, massages
photo credit: Adam Foster Photography Grumpy cat via photopin (license)

General pet massages show lasting and positive changes in pets. They can also provide a sense of comfort and encourage bonding between the two of you. Your pet will love you for it!

If you have a senior pet who has become a little slow recently, or a pet who is a bit timid or scared, massage will have even more benefits for them.

So what are the benefits?

The benefits include increased circulation, ease of tension, relaxation of tired, sore muscles, improvement in range of motion, physical and emotional stimulation, reduction in arthritis pain and swelling, reduced pain from joint problems such as hip dysplasia and reduced amounts of pain medications.

When an animal is enjoying a massage and is receiving the benefits, they will show signs of relaxation. They may lower their heads and begin to lick and chew. Their soft eyes let both the massage therapist and their guardian know they are enjoying themselves. Afterward, you and your pet can enjoy some quiet time together relaxing on the couch and cuddling!

Use Caution: Massage can still be performed on pets with chronic diseases,  but exercise caution and employ a professional therapist.

Will you give it a try? Contact your veterinarian and let them know you’re interested in pet massage and ask them what they would recommend the next steps to be.

Jun 08, 2017
by Emily Cook