RCMP musical ride horse blanket donation.

RCMP Musical Ride donates blankets to horses in need

RCMP musical ride horse blanket donation.
Presentation of blankets from the Musical Ride. Left to Right: Cst. Zachary MacMillan, Musical Ride Member; Judi Cannon, Associate Director, Indigenous Programs & Community Outreach, Ontario SPCA; Bonnie Bishop, Senior Inspector, Farm Animal Welfare, Ontario SPCA; Supt. Mike Côté, Officer in Charge, RCMP Musical Ride & Heritage Branch. Photo credit: RCMP.

When there’s a horse that needs a helping hand, the equestrian community always seems to pull together. Over the past several months, horse lovers have generously donated blankets, equipment and gift cards to assist the horses in our care. Among them, the RCMP Musical Ride! They heard about our appeal for blankets and reached out to us to offer their assistance.

The famous, stunning, black Hanoverians from the RCMP Musical Ride had some extra blankets in their stable that weren’t being used. The RCMP Musical Ride generously offered over 30 of them to us to help keep our horses comfortable as they wait to be adopted.

RCMP Musical Ride horse donation
Left to right: Ontario SPCA Senior Inspector Bonnie Bishop, Supt. Mike Côté, Officer in Charge, RCMP Musical Ride & Heritage Branch. Photo credit: RCMP.

Many people think the Ontario SPCA only cares for cats and dogs. The truth is we also have horses and ponies that come into our care through surrenders and investigations. Just as each horse’s circumstances are different, so too is their health and body condition. Some require a little extra TLC as they recover, and that’s where the blankets come in. Depending on the age, breed and health of the horse, as well as how much time they spend turned out, some of the horses in our care require blankets to keep them warm during winter months.

The Ontario SPCA is honoured to be the recipient of this generous donation of horse blankets. We are pleased to have an esteemed organization like the RCMP Musical Ride recognize our adoption efforts and offer their support.

We are so thankful to the equestrian community for their incredible support! Thanks to this gift from the RCMP Musical Ride, and others from generous donors across the province, our horses will be warm and comfortable as they wait to be adopted into loving homes.

To learn more about the RCMP Musical Ride and activities, please visit http://www.rcmp.gc.ca/en/musical-ride.

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Feb 16, 2017
by Emily Cook