Rocky’s UK/European Adventure!

Rocky’s going on the trip of a lifetime.

This cute, fluffy boy just got back from the UK, and we got to see what kind of mischief he’s getting into on his visit to a new continent! Now, he’s on the road and heading back to Europe!!

We will be posting photos from his adventure here and on our Official Facebook Page. On either page, you can comment with your guess as to where he is that day and we will share the answer the following day.

Join the fun and start guessing!

Where was Rocky?

Rocky in Maribor Slovenia - in front of the Old Bridge
Rocky in Maribor Slovenia – in front of the Old Bridge

Rocky is now on a new trip to Europe, and we get to journey with him!

Stay tuned for more fun pictures to guess at!

Photos of Rocky’s Second European Tour!


Check out our gallery below to see all his previous stops on his UK trip, and stay tuned for more photos to guess on!

Photos from Rocky’s Trip to the UK!


Keep sending us your great guesses!!

To take Rocky on a trip of your own, visit our Paws and Give website!

If you want to learn more about travelling with your pet, the Ontario SPCA has great fact sheets to help you out! Among them are tips on:

These sheets are for your to use, and learn from!

Aug 20, 2015
by Emily Cook