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Safety tips for the Civic Holiday

Enjoy the Civic Holiday safely with your pets by following these simple safety tips!

To help you keep your pets comfortable, here are a few tips from our blog, Happy Civic Holiday! – Fireworks and your pet:

Civic Holiday safety tips

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    photo credit: mripp Our swirly young dog Lou via photopin (license)

    Keep pets home indoors in a safe place because this will help reduce noise level of the fireworks. It will also reduce the risk of your pet running away if he/she is spooked by loud noises.

  • Provide a safe “escape” place for your animal. Scared animals like to hide. Allow your pet a safe place to snuggle to help ease their stress and calm fears of the loud sounds he/she is hearing.
  • If you must be outside with your pet, use a leash or carrier  and keep it on at all times. This will help prevent your pet from running away from you if they’re afraid of fireworks or thunderstorms.
  • Make sure your pet ID is current. Having an updated ID tag or microchip on your pet will help local Animal Services return your pet to you.
Aug 07, 2017
by Emily Cook