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What to do if your dog gets in a dog fight

Seeing your dog involved in a fight with another dog, can be scary, and might leave you feeling helpless. Here are some tips to help protect your dog, should it ever get in an altercation with another dog.

Tips for keeping your dog safe

dog fight, dogs fighting, tips, pet safety
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It’s best practice to always have your dog on a leash, this way you can remain in control of your dog, should a situation arise. We recommend not getting physically involved breaking up a dog fight or an altercation for your own safety. However, there are some methods you can try to end a fight between a strange dog and your own.

  • Carry a water bottle on your walk. Should a fight occur, you can spray the dogs. Having access to a hose is even better.
  • Loud noises can often distract the dogs and cause them to separate. This could be something like a car horn, or an air horn.
  • Separate fighting dogs using something other than your body. Objects to use could be a blanket, a coat, a piece of cardboard or a small umbrella.

PetMD also encourages owners to never reach for your dog’s collar or head because this is the surest way to get injured during a dog fight.

Prevention is key

When your dog is in a situation where they will be interacting with other dogs, it’s important to constantly monitor the situation. PetMD has this list of signs to watch out for that indicate a dog fight could be imminent:

  • Raised hackles (hairs along the back of a dog that rise when it is angry or alarmed)
  • A stiff tail or body posture
  • A deeper, more guttural tone to growling or barking
  • Snarling that shows a lot of teeth
  • Snapping
  • A dog who is trying to get away but is not being allowed to do so

PetMD also suggests being aware of your dog’s weaknesses and triggers. If your dog is very friendly until their food feels threatened, don’t have food or treats accessible when they’re playing.

The most important thing to remember if a dog fight happens with your pet is not to panic. Stay calm and focus on safely removing yourself and your pet from the situation.

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Jun 19, 2017
by Emily Cook